New Beginnings

Session 1

First Adventure

Session 1:
Players: Jordan, Doug, Cody, Adam
Noteworthy NPCs: Mayor Ford Penner, Baron Archibald, Abbot Elimer
The party first became acquainted at the Clumsy Bard Inn in the town of Westminster. From a local, they heard about a tomb discovered next to a nearby monastery. Scary clicking sounds from within the tomb were terrifying the monks. The next morning, the baron who oversaw the town, Archibald, requested brave men to explore the tomb and hopefully rid it of whatever scourge was within. The party, after investigating the monastery and the tomb opening, accepted the mission. Inside they encountered giant centipedes, rats, and poisonous snakes. They also failed to evade certain traps (three out of four men were severely wounded by a pitfall). After removing a valuable hairbrush from the deepest crypt, an angry specter appeared. The battle was won but Deric barely survived. The party returned to the baron and presented some (but not all) of the relics they uncovered. The Baron paid them for the relics and for their service. The next morning, a monk from the monastery was waiting for them. He explained that an important church in Crath City recently had a valuable treasure stolen. Intrigued at the prospect of another job, the party set out for Crath City



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