The Nation of Alyn

General Description of Alyn

Alyn is a nation comprised of multiple Kingdoms. What unites it as a nation is the fact that it is civilized, has a fairly uniform culture, has been explored to a significant degree, and is separate from the vast expanses of wilderness. However, each territory within Alyn is currently ruled by a separate king, so it is NOT a nation in the sense that it has a single governing body. There are, of course, political interactions between kingdoms. While the majority of Alyn has been charted, there is still a solid amount of wilderness and undiscovered locations.

Kingdoms of Alyn


Central, Wealthy Kingdom

Locations within Boreniel

A small but prosperous town. It is ruled and governed by Baron Clay Archibald

Crath City

A mid-size city. It boasts an impressive Cathedral and a strong religious presence. The City Proper is quite prosperous, but the slum region is unfortunately large. The Lord of the city is a duke, who resides directly within Crath. There are some adversary noble houses within it as well.

The remaining Kingdoms will be released in due time.

Political Parties of Alyn


Believe governance should continue to come from independent monarchs and nobility.


Wish to overthrow the monarchs to establish democratic governments across Alyn.


Those who wish to find the Heir of Brillin and appoint him emperor of all Alyn. Supported by the Church and the religious.

The Nation of Alyn

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