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About Magic


Magic on Erth is fairly rare – at least to most societies. Commoner populations in sophisticated areas, such as cities and non-isolated towns are usually at least aware of it. Smaller or isolated villages, however, are often more ignorant. Generally, magic from a divine source is somewhat more common than Arcana. Outside of general civilization, many tribes could very well use magic regularly – it may be embedded in their very culture.


Schools of magic are unsurprisingly quite rare. Some monasteries and temples teach divine arts, and there are some extremely exclusive and secretive schools for Wizardry. Schools related to Bardic Arts or Sorcery are virtually non-existent – these arts are either learned through mentorship or self-taught. Tribes outside of civilization may have their own schools of magic.

The Planes of Existence

The Common Plane

Where all physical, mortal beings preside. It’s also is the source of Elemental Creatures, which are born within the churning depths of Erth. The God Mortamin also spends most of his time here, resting with the souls of the departed in some hidden location.

The Astral Plane

Where the Gods and their servant Angels preside.

The Deep Plane

Angels that have betrayed the Gods are banished here and become fiends. It’s existence is debated by religious scholars.

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Basic Information

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