Divinity and the Gods

The Gods of the Universe

There are 9 deities charged with maintaining balance both on Erth and throughout the Universe.

Goddess of Life




Widely revered, she is charming in her feistiness and vitality. That said, she is also a mercurial and occasionally cruel god. She values her gift to the universe, and wishes all souls to be alive for as long as possible before being accepted to Mortamin. But she also enjoys toying with lives of smarter creatures, causing different circumstances depending on her mood. Aside from being the Goddess of Life, she is an equivalent to “Lady Luck.”

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Worshipped By: Most races, Gamblers, and Healers

God of Death




Generally a comforting, sympathetic and grandfatherly figure. Not competitive or aggressive – Eventually all souls make it to him. He’s colloquially referred to as the God of Mercy. That being said, he has no qualms if a soul is sent to him early, and so may work in favor of those who are supposedly “evil”. The only way to truly defy him is to refute death by becoming immortal.

Alignment: True Neutral

Worshipped By: Most races, the sick, the poor, the evil.

God of Light




A vigorous and potent God, he seeks to demonstrate his divinity through the all-encompassing daylight and beautiful sunsets. The lover of Natala, he assists her by providing the sunlight for her plants. He’s a painter and the sky is his canvas. Achievement, taste, and/or hard work is how to impress this God. Father of Tempil.

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Worshipped By: Most races, Farmers, Artists, Craftsmen

Goddess of Nature




A peaceful, gentle goddess presiding over plants and creatures. She’s beautiful and naïve. She’s the lover of Lumar and Mother of Tempil.

Alignment: Neutral Good

Worshipped By: Primarily Elves, Tribespeople, Gardners

God of Knowledge




Open-Minded and joyous God. Appreciates all forms of knowledge, from facts learned in books, to the charting of previously unseen territory.

Alignment: True Neutral

Worshipped By: Primarily Humans and Dwarves, Craftsmen, Explorers, Scholars.

God of Trickery




Son of Tempil and Vieda, a young god who cares little for the work of the other gods, caring only for mischief.

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Worshipped By: Primarily Humans, Tieflings, and Halflings, Thieves, Young boys, Pranksters

God of Tempest




Son of Natala and Lumar – Although normally content, he has a serious temper. Also delights in joining his son Astucious in trickery by applying it to the weather. Considered fairly immature by God standards.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Worshipped By: Sailors, Merfolk

God of War




Highly honorable and not inherently violent. Does not encourage war itself, but war done properly, bravely, and only when necessary. The most devout worshippers will never draw their blade for petty reasons. By Gaire’s code, a good soldier will obey his commander, and a good commander will strategize diligently to avoid unnecessary bloodshed. He was created alongside Violer

Alignment: Debated amongst religious scholars. Lawful Neutral or Lawful Good.

Worshipped By: Soldiers, Commanders, Warlords, Warriors

God of Bloodlust




Created alongside and opposing Gaire. He’s a sadistic, feared god who delights in battle of any sort. Also a fan of torture and pain.

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Worshipped By: The kind of people you don’t want to know, torturers, secret sects.

The God Family Tree


Holy Symbols

The Holy Symbols for all 9 Gods are simply different formations of three equidistant lines. Any crude replication of these designs are recognizable to civilians. However, PROPER replication is actually very precise. Priests and Monks devote much of their education to being able to perfectly replicate the angles and straightness of the lines. Certain monks may devote their entire lives learning to replicate them free-hand.


The Octa

The Octa is a symbol used primarily by civilized regions to represent all the gods together. Each point of the Octa represents a God, and the curved line in the center represents the universe. There is a lesser-used version of the Octa which contains a line branching off the “Gaire” point to represent Violer. The Octa is man-made for worshipping purposes. It is not a vehicle for holy magic as the individual Gods’ Holy Symbols are.



Most churches in civilized regions worship all deities in a unified religion. Focused dedication to single gods occurs mostly in monasteries, temples, and between individuals. The Church is not against focusing on a single God, though. Individuals are even encouraged to choose one and reflect him/her as best they can. Temples and Monasteries are often connected to the Church, not opposing it.

Like in the real world, it is easy to distinguish between religion, and “institutionalized” religion.

Most formal places of worship exclude Violar. They acknowledge his existence, but do not worship him (you know, seeing as he is evil).

Legends and Mythology


In Ancient Times, war ravaged the land currently known as Alyn. Upon noticing the war, Lumar held a contest against Violer. They would both impregnate a mortal woman to sire a demi-god Son. The contest was to see which son could seize control of the war and claim overall victory. Through their chosen women, Violer sired a son named Kivil and Lumar sired Brillin. Kivil quickly gained power and warred ruthlessly, but Brillin’s superior strategizing eventually lead to victory. Soon all of Alyn was united peacefully under Brillin’s rule. But since then, time has passed and Alyn has divided into many independent monarchies. Empirialists believe that Brillin’s heir must be found and made emperor anew. They also fear the existence of Kivil’s heir.


After you die, your soul remains in the The Common Plane and is added to Mortamin’s Collection. It is neither heaven nor hell, but rather an eternal slumber. For the hardworking people of Erth, the afterlife is typically viewed as positive. It is rest after a life of struggle. Reincarnation is debated between Religious Scholars.

Divinity and the Gods

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